The 10th edition – 2022


Humanizing access to culture is the aim of the State Government of Amazonas, which will be achieved by its Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy when they host the 10th Amazonas Jazz Festival (FAJ) in 2020. FAJ is already one of the most successful events in the Amazonian cultural agenda. There will be more than 15 performances bringing together the upper crust of Brazilian instrumental music with the world jazz elite, plus entirely free workshops and conferences, fully open to the community! Improvisation, Brazilian percussion, musical pedagogy, cultural journalism, traditional Amazonian rhythms, contemporary dance, audio and sound, as well as scene illumination, will be some of the topics covered. Finally, jazz will climb to floating stages, where concerts will be performed in the middle of the river. And to top it off, we are waiting for you to honor the new talents of Amazonian jazz competing for the Young Instrumentalist Award on the night’s performance that will be held during the Festival. A MUST-SEE festival. Absolutely! Here comes the jazz!

Marcos Apolo Muniz de Araújo

Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of Amazonas

Cultural Sustainability, Inclusion, and New Media. That’s the motto of the 10th edition of Amazonas Jazz Festival – FAJ to be held in 2020. For cultural sustainability, we considered it the key concept to ensure cultural legacies and the future existence of communities. If, on the one hand, the State of Amazonas has a significant anthropological, cultural legacy, deriving from its indigenous heritage, on the other, it will be impossible to neglect the cultural manifestations inherited from multiple matrices that over the last four centuries had the city of Manaus and the Amazonian region as the settings to the concerts stage. Strategically located at the confluence of the two largest rivers in the world, the capital of the State of Amazonas has played a key role in the process of cultural dialogue operated in the Amazonian region since ancient times, even before the arrival of the Europeans. Resulting from this process of cultural dialogue, the Amazonas Theater symbolizes one of the primary vertexes of the modernization process of the so-called Tropical Paris at the dawn of the 20th century. And this legacy remains alive a century later, inscribed in the manauara psyche, by experiencing the spirit emanating from that building, whose meaning is well beyond its architectural grandeur. The Amazonas Theater sustains not only a historical recollection. He bears a symbol strictly rooted in the city’s cultural habitus. The ability to engage in a culture that affirms itself in the heart of the Amazon, aware of its ancestral legacies and conscious of its role in the challenges posed by postmodernity, so that it can survive in the future, and keeping innovating to stay in the avant-garde of artistic practice. The vigorous cultural policy implemented in the State of Amazonas in the early 21st century allows the cultural aspect of the Amazon metropolis to be in synergy with its economic strength as a producer of consumer goods, including the tools used by new media. It is in this way that the city's legacies establish the bridge between culture and the production of the Manaus Industrial Complex. Indeed, the mobile phone has confirmed to be a multiple-use tool, not least concerning the development of new artistic languages, which spontaneously develop autonomously among the people, gaining a leading role never identified before.  Taking into consideration that jazz is the most influential and subject to be influenced form of artistic expression in the last 100 years, it is so natural to establish bridges between the FAJ and the new technological tools available in postmodernity. And that will be these tools that allow bringing together different sectors, assigning to culture the role of social inclusion agent.  Not only the web, but mobile phones and laptops will be present for the subscription, registration, and promotion of the festival, through the Internet, YouTube, and other social media that to be offered as available possibilities to be used. There will also be included streaming concerts, workshops, and conferences. There should be of fundamental importance that the event should be recorded in audiovisual format. That is why we suggest an action that allows us to come about with digital documentation that represents a recollection of the FAJ to be made available by MISAM – SEC.


Rui Carvalho

Artistic Director of the Amazonas Jazz Festival
First Conductor of Amazonas Band

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